Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Diary of a ten year old part 3

Well these are special entries today because it is my baby little tall, but younger sister's birthday. I can't believe 15 years have gone by since she was born.There is a fairly big age gap between my sister and I; 11 years without any other siblings in between seems to raise a few eyebrows when I tell them. I have to explain that yes she is my full sister, my parents were still together at the time and it wasn't the case of my mum or dad having a child with a new partner which I think is usually the case with big age gaps. I was an only child for 11 years and it was a massive shock to everyone in the family when my mum found out she was pregnant.

I cried. Typical 'only child' behaviour thinking someone was going to come along and take all of my mummy and daddy's attention and I would be forced to live in the attic surviving only on rotten fish heads...... Or something like that. The truth was that I was scared, I had always noticed how much my parents LOVED babies and thought I would just be the boring older child that they wouldn't like as much. What an idiot. Anyway I didn't feel like that for long and I soon became VERY excited about the arrival of a baby sibling. I always wanted her to be a girl, not that I told my parents at the time because I thought it would have been mean to not want a brother. But deep down I almost knew I was going to have a sister.

I made my parents promise me that I would be the first person they told when the baby arrived, because I wanted to be the first to know if it was a boy or if my wishing had worked and it was a girl. This actually meant that when my dad was trying to get hold of me whilst I was shopping in Sainsbury's with my Mamma (that's grandma for most people) he had to lie to a family member who had picked the phone up and said the baby hadn't arrived yet haha.

Anyway he did get hold of me in the end (crazy to think that mobile phones weren't used as much back in the day and people actually used landlines) and down I went to the hospital to meet my new baby sister. My first memory of her is holding her and thinking "why is her head covered in lard?".... Obviously it wasn't lard, they hadn't greased her up to help with the delivery but it definitely looked like it.

I love how I refer to her as 'it'. 'It' will be born tonight haha.

I think the above spelling may be a contributing factor to why people tend to call them C-sections.

This is when she was 2 hours old.
Yes I am naturally a blondie.

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