Monday, 28 May 2012

Diary of a 10 year part 2

I thought it was about time that we revisited my ten year old self and see what drama's were occurring sixteen years ago.

Amongst other things, 1997 was the year that my classmates and I discovered the Spice Girls. Yeah GIRL POWER. I vividly remember 'Wannabe' hitting the charts and everyone wanting to learn the words and the dance moves. We all had our favourite 'Spice'. Mine was Baby Spice at the time, sometimes it changed to Ginger Spice because I loved the colour of her hair. Anyway there was a period of time when during play time all most of the girls would split into groups of five and become the Spice Girls. We would sing and dance and do the peace sign proclaiming that we had 'Girl Power!'
Here are a few diary entries dedicated to those 'good old days'......

Here is the first time I mention us 'doing the Spice girls' - in hindsight I probably could have worded it better.
I can tell you now, I wasn't happy at being Scary Spice. As mentioned above Baby was my favourite but it was the politics of the group. I had no choice.
Also, I highly doubt that it was one single topic on 'Space and Tudors', pretty sure they didn't ever overlap.

This entry tickles me. For a start I love how I talk about it being 'spellings' on Monday and then spell coming as 'comeing' in the same sentence. It also seems that it had got too much for me being Scary Spice and Kayleigh (who is the same Kayleigh that Matthew with the love heart for a 'M' said he liked on my birthday) was becoming too controlling. It was time to move on and become Posh Spice with Lindsay but I was also prepared for it to not be a permanent move.
I don't know if I did leave the group on Monday, I doubt it because surely that would have made it into Monday's diary entry but it didn't so let's assume I found happiness in Lindsay's group, even if I did have to be Posh Spice.


  1. I love these, they are hilarious! It's soo cool that you get to see what you were thinking when you were a kid.

    These remind of of time I came across my 7 year old niece's diary (and maybe I shouldn't have read it but I couldn't help it). It was hilarious! It was all about how she was going to be a grinch and steal all the presents at Christmas. And then she would write about how annoying her younger sister was but then she would show her! Love it.

  2. I know I am loving revisiting my younger self. I actually have a diary from when I was around 15 but I don't know if that would be TOO embarassing to divulge because I was quite the 'woe is me' 'i hate my life' kind of teenager. Haha. I don't know I'll have to have a read of it and see how bad it is.
    And bless your little niece. I love the things that young kids come out with, always tickles me x

  3. HAHA... i need to go and do this myself... looking back on old memories is so funny sometimes.. yet cringy..x

    1. You should definitely revisit some old memories.. it is funny... and embarassing. But I don't really mind things from when I was this age (except for a video my mum has of me doing a full on dance routine to the Men in Black song... I'm very picky with who gets to see that!) it's the stuff from when I was a bit older that really makes me cringe! x


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