Thursday, 10 May 2012

I Am So Very Clumsy

Hello :)How are you?
I'm fine thankyou.
Aside from falling over and almost doing the splits whilst simultaneously covering myself in green slime. Niiiiiiiiiiice. Haha yeah I fell over in our 'conservatory' today. I use the term 'conservatory' lightly because it is really the remains of one that was built cobbled together by some previous owners. The roof in it is collapsing and has holes in it, we took the window out to get our settee in the house and half of the floor has been taken up. So really it's like a shack that has been attached to the back of the house. When it rains outside, it rains in there.
This means the wood we put on the floor to cover the gaps can get slippy and has also grown/accumalated some green slime on it.
This morning I slipped on said slime and one leg went one way whilst the other went the other. Not cool.

I fall over, a lot.
Some other incidents include:
- 'tripping' over in a field where there was nothing to trip me up. Yep I trip up over my own feet.

- falling up some stairs in a shop in front of other people and a woman behind the till who was trying to hold in her laughter. That hurt my pride as well as my knees.

- falling in the garden whilst trying to get the washing in. I went over on my ankle and that one really hurt. The neighbours would have had a giggle if they had seen that one.

- falling out of my Mum's car when she was dropping me off at school. I got the nick name 'elephant foot' from one of my friends for a while after that one because my ankle swelled up so much.

- falling over at my old job off of a tyre and having the children laugh at me as I fought back tears because that one REALLY hurt my ankle. One of the kids came up to me and saw that I had been crying, she said sorry and 'are you going to tell your mum that we laughed at you?'. I'd forgotten the days when 'I'm telling my mum' could provoke fear haha.

- falling over whilst trying to open the door to the post woman. This was the most recent, aside from todays incident. I tripped over and the post woman was screaming 'are you ok? are you ok?' probably thinking that she was going to have to break down my front door to save me. I had to jump up fast and just think 'answer the door, cry later'.

 I am very clumsy and have weak ankles. Fact.


  1. Hey, thanks for the comment! And yes, being wolverine would be So awesome right now, apart from the supernatural ability to heal, I'd also live forever, and have sick defences!

    Being clumsy isn't that bad, I too am super clumsy. My exboyfriend used to tell me that i "missed the grace train". haha
    It makes you stronger you know, mentally, while of course upping your pain tolerance. hahaha
    Dealing with the embarrassment of falling in public, or doing something stupid in front of other people takes a hard bashing on our pride. But like I said, it makes you stronger, because you have to build it back up!
    All you have to do, is just act as if nothing ever happened. Put it behind you and keep moving your klutzy feet forward! :)

    1. No worries :)
      Yes being clumsy has made me a pro at laughing at myself. Because I tend to jump right back up and laugh it off. Leaving the crying until I'm out of sight haha.
      I really could do with being Wolverine, my ankles are so weak from having all these years of ankle bashing, twisting, and spraining! Oh well :) xx

  2. Oh my! I fall all the time too! I'm surprised I haven't hurt myself more than I have (Although I'm sure lots of stiches in my forehead counts as serious)! Good thing you didn't get hurt! What happens when we get older and have brittle bones? *disastor*

    1. Yeh I'm the same Brittany, I am so surprised I have never REALLY hurt myself. Touch wood, I've never even broken a bone; just a couple of bad sprains.
      Never had stitches in the forehead either, although I have had to have my chin stitched up after failing miserably at riding my bike one handed back in the day! haha xx


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