Monday, 16 April 2012

A New Beginning.

Hello or 'Ay up' as they say around my part of the country :)
My name is Katie and I have decided that my life is far too exciting to not blog about. This happened whilst I was watching Criminal Minds reruns, drinking my cup of tea and observing my dog eat/play with a fly that she found on the windowsill. I know, it's all so thrilling isn't it?

But really, I thought I would give this another go. This is actually my third attempt at blogging but we'll ignore that and pretend you are my first. The others didn't mean anything to me. Honest.

So shall we kick off with some 'get to know me' facts?

- I am 25 years old, almost 26.
- I live with my other half; who I have been with for almost a decade.
- We have a crazy dog called Penny.
- I love crap tv. It's my guilty pleasure.
- I'm not the best at conversation making and am quite happy to sit in silence. My other half makes up for this as he doesn't shut up.
- I get cold sores, on my cheek. They make me feel like this..
- I am a very messy person. I try not to be, but what can I say, I find a little comfort in a little clutter!
- And finally (for now)... I love to eat. Recently I have been eating too much and have become a bit of a fatty; so now I am dieting to try and feel more comfortable in my own skin again.

Laters taters x


  1. Awe welcome can't wait to

    How can I follow you?

  2. Whoopsy daisy. Thanks for pointing that out. I didn't realise that I hadn't put the 'follower' box up :) x

  3. Love the pup!

    This is my second attempt at blogging! Figured I would be more inspired as I'm moving away from all my friends and family in 6 weeks!

    Cheers to second (or third) chances :)

    1. Haha come on, we can do it this time! Well at least you have something interesting to blog about. I look forward to watching your adventure unfold :)

  4. so.. welcome again :) hehe
    your dog is so cute and I'm also one of those girls, who
    can eat the whole time :D haha I should maybe be a fatty as well :'D
    keep it up, dear!


    1. Oh love, you look like one of the lucky ones then who can eat and eat and still look great! x

  5. Aww Penny is so cute and we have a lot in common, we are the same age and I'm obsessed with crap TV too. I'm assuming that means reality TV :)

    1. I'm going to have to keep all these 'cute' Penny comments away from her, otherwise she'll get a massive head! :) Yeah crap tv refers to reality tv, shows like Jersey Shore (I feel dirty just saying I watch it), documentaries but not intellectual ones... ones about people who have them dolls that look like real babies, or who treat monkeys like babies. Oh.. I'm so ashamed. :)

      p.s. I LOVE your banner on your blog with the little plane spelling out your names! x

  6. Love your blog, I'm following now :) Feel free to check out mine!

    Laura x
    Petit Chatons


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