Thursday, 26 April 2012

The diary of a ten year old part 1

I was sorting some stuff out the other day and came across my Winnie-the-pooh diary from 1997.
1997 was a pretty good year; I turned 11, my sister was born (yes there is a big age gap between us), I started 'big school' and it would appear that I started to become interested in the opposite sex. Shocking!

I just had to share some of my diary entries because they really tickled me. I think it will be best to split them over a couple of posts because I don't want to overload you with 10 year old Katie - she's a bit full on sometimes.
So this first lot of entries all surround my 10 year old love life:

22nd April
So yeah, from the start I obviously played it cool and wasn't overly dramatic or anything. Loving someone for infinity isn't that long is it? I love how after making such a statement I then have to also write that I went swimming (with Emma), like that was equally important on that day.

2nd May
Oh dear. I can't believe Emma told my secret, when just over a week earlier I had been swimming with her. Don't think I was a happy bunny. I love how I turned the 'M' in Matthews name into a love heart.

17th May
My birthday, as you can see. How tragic a diary entry is this? I actually remember this. I had had a bowling party and both Matthew and Kayleigh, amongst other friends (including Emma - we made friends) came and in the car on the way back he said he fancied Kayleigh. And it had to happen ON MY BIRTHDAY. Oh dear.

10th June
This was the last diary entry relating to Matthew. It had been exactly 49 days since I had admitted my 'infinity' love for him and he had gone and got a girlfriend who I was obviously not happy with. I wasn't bitter or anything. Honest. It would appear that that was the end of my 'love' for Matthew and I had to move on. (p.s. the part about my Mum related to her going in to hospital to have my sister)

14th July
Then there was George. As you can see, that was pretty short lived.

22nd October
And finally there was Sam and the cycle begins again.

Who knew a 10-11 year old could have such a drama filled love life eh?


  1. AH! I love reading through my old diaries. It really is incredible how much I loved different boys. haha. I remember one specific entry "Joe said he liked Ann. I am going to get a make over and then every boy will like me and Joe will be very sorry."
    Apparently I knew someday he would regret not liking me. The best part, he actually did like me years down the road, but I was long over him.
    Great times!

  2. HAHA these are hilarious! SO awesome that you still have these! BTW, your love life at ten years old is infinitly filled with more drama than all my relationships combined.


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